it has been said to me that i’m good at making opportunities for myself.  in this instance the opportunity was a focus for the experiments with abstraction.

i’ve mentioned before about how painting with black arch by kandinsky has inspired and lit me up towards abstraction. while working on the time based work time, colour. 2 lines i played with an app on my android tablet and wandered into experimenting with lines and simple forms in a grayscale.

there were so many that i saw an opportunity to make an exhibition.

the images were published in a sequence of one a minute for 15 minutes one tuesday afternoon.

since that tuesday the exhibition has evolved.  using another social media platform i’ve collected all the images into one place and i have to say that in this place the notion of exhibition starts to come through better than in the original idea just to make the exhibition for 15 minutes.   in a sense i’ve made the exhibition more permanent.



the exhibition: click to visit





the big draw

i hadn’t been to a big draw event for a few years. this year came at a time when i really needed to be amongst people.

the event was held at karina goodman’s studio 61 and hosted by ruth gray. ruth gave me a lift to the venue and we were both greeted by a smiling karina.

ruth had a wide selection of drawing implements and i have to admit to enjoying the opportunity to work with different means of making a mark.

i rejected drawing something representational.   at the moment i’m exploring abstraction.


i spent the first hour with pencil and the second colouring in what i’d drawn.

in total there were 5 of us drawing.  there was good conversation too.  i was happy to listen while drawing with the odd interjection of something that i could add to the conversation.  we all created very different drawings.


after 2 hours i felt uplifted from my experience.


below is a detail of the image i drew.


see the whole image here


the big draw is an annual event and i recommend it as something to go along and be part of.





maximum potential

i see this little film as an abstraction from the documentation of the love parks week activity.

the title comes from valentino rossi describing his endeavours with his moto gp bike during a pre-event press conference during the 2014 season.

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=107695090 width=97%  height=85% anchor= “click to watch the video…”]


time, colour. 2 lines (excerpt)

is the beginning of something. the full work is a loop lasting about 20 minutes.

in this work i consider time and colour through the generation of two lines.


this investigation is inspired by painting with black arch by kandinsky.  it was mathew colling’s the rules of abstraction documentary that brought the painting and abstraction to my attention.

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=107697460 width=97%  height=85% anchor= “click to watch the video…”]