go and see bursary

woman eclipsed by circular sculpture


i’ve published the review of the artists information company go and see bursary, awarded in march 2014.


the go and see bursaries are awarded to artist led initiatives with the aim of the scheme to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, improve communications and foster joint developments.


christine and i used the bursary to visit the sculpture trails within the forestry commission’s grizedale forest in the lake district.  subsequent conversations have included speaking with the forestry commission’s arts development curator hayley skipper.


the go and see bursary experience will benefit a planned art walk by corridor arts in may 2015.


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on the walk home after seeing my first comfortism performance i did think to myself about wanting to work with ashley.  his writing in “do the right thing but not right now” intriged me enough to feel interested in getting more involved.

the opportunity came along to work with him to produce a teaser video about the production and it’s gone on from there really.

the show entwines a happening in 1979 with science, characters and a comedian set on telling the world that life is better than death.

having succesfully staged “i’ve been elvita adams” both in new york and derby we began to work towards realising something ashley had thought about for some time, a production based on the life,time and works of sam shepard.







working with ashley gives me a space in which i can be a producer/director/lighting designer/sound designer/performer/designer of bespoke audience facing show control.


i’m drawing on my training at lamda, subsequent production experience and degree in fine art within this collaborative practice based in the craft of theatre.



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