it has been said to me that i’m good at making opportunities for myself.  in this instance the opportunity was a focus for the experiments with abstraction.

i’ve mentioned before about how painting with black arch by kandinsky has inspired and lit me up towards abstraction. while working on the time based work time, colour. 2 lines i played with an app on my android tablet and wandered into experimenting with lines and simple forms in a grayscale.

there were so many that i saw an opportunity to make an exhibition.

the images were published in a sequence of one a minute for 15 minutes one tuesday afternoon.

since that tuesday the exhibition has evolved.  using another social media platform i’ve collected all the images into one place and i have to say that in this place the notion of exhibition starts to come through better than in the original idea just to make the exhibition for 15 minutes.   in a sense i’ve made the exhibition more permanent.



the exhibition: click to visit





3 months in 95

artistic vision and well being.


these feel like they are the same yet in reality one is day job and one is me mucking about having fun away from the day job and all that the day job brings to the table because of all the others being in their day job too.
the day job has to be more considered because there are more people involved whom consider themselves. to be at the same table, consideration needs to be important.
outside the day job, it’s fun and amusing and engages my time in things i like to do. there is consideration however part of that condideration is not to do with other people.


this is a work.

it is on going.


i will add a link to where more about the work can be seen when i’m happy that it’s been running long enough for me to understand more about my artistic vision and my well being.

evolving the site

another evolution of the site starts with this post.

the site is looser for me now, leaving behind stringent pages of content and to allowing for content to be added and drawn together by the reader reflecting my interest in databases.

 i’m going to attempt to have fun using this site as for me now the process is very important, almost more important than the outcome.

through the coming months i will be reflecting over my career to the point of taking more control.  from that point my life’s evolution takes on a new path and here within the posts i’ll further reflect on what i’ve been doing and where my plans now start to take me.