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new blog

after completing my 12 in 14 blog, i have a new blog for 2015.  i’ve taken the title from an eddie izzard sketch from his late 1990’s period.  his work at that time still resonates with me. his physical theatre very much influencing my own physical performance.

the blog is hosted on the artist’s information company website . their site having been overhauled and relaunched in july 2014 it has become a focal hub for discussion and critical debate around the arts.

in my new blog i intend to write with an all warts and all approach as this currently is how my practice is going.  after my 12 in 14 challenge now i can relax and enjoy myself and see where it leads me.

the a-n site is very supportive and recently i’ve received a lot of extra support from them via their art blogs twitter account.

the new blog can be found at .

go and see bursary

woman eclipsed by circular sculpture


i’ve published the review of the artists information company go and see bursary, awarded in march 2014.


the go and see bursaries are awarded to artist led initiatives with the aim of the scheme to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, improve communications and foster joint developments.


christine and i used the bursary to visit the sculpture trails within the forestry commission’s grizedale forest in the lake district.  subsequent conversations have included speaking with the forestry commission’s arts development curator hayley skipper.


the go and see bursary experience will benefit a planned art walk by corridor arts in may 2015.


click to visit the review 






it has been said to me that i’m good at making opportunities for myself.  in this instance the opportunity was a focus for the experiments with abstraction.

i’ve mentioned before about how painting with black arch by kandinsky has inspired and lit me up towards abstraction. while working on the time based work time, colour. 2 lines i played with an app on my android tablet and wandered into experimenting with lines and simple forms in a grayscale.

there were so many that i saw an opportunity to make an exhibition.

the images were published in a sequence of one a minute for 15 minutes one tuesday afternoon.

since that tuesday the exhibition has evolved.  using another social media platform i’ve collected all the images into one place and i have to say that in this place the notion of exhibition starts to come through better than in the original idea just to make the exhibition for 15 minutes.   in a sense i’ve made the exhibition more permanent.



the exhibition: click to visit





the big draw

i hadn’t been to a big draw event for a few years. this year came at a time when i really needed to be amongst people.

the event was held at karina goodman’s studio 61 and hosted by ruth gray. ruth gave me a lift to the venue and we were both greeted by a smiling karina.

ruth had a wide selection of drawing implements and i have to admit to enjoying the opportunity to work with different means of making a mark.

i rejected drawing something representational.   at the moment i’m exploring abstraction.


i spent the first hour with pencil and the second colouring in what i’d drawn.

in total there were 5 of us drawing.  there was good conversation too.  i was happy to listen while drawing with the odd interjection of something that i could add to the conversation.  we all created very different drawings.


after 2 hours i felt uplifted from my experience.


below is a detail of the image i drew.


see the whole image here


the big draw is an annual event and i recommend it as something to go along and be part of.





maximum potential

i see this little film as an abstraction from the documentation of the love parks week activity.

the title comes from valentino rossi describing his endeavours with his moto gp bike during a pre-event press conference during the 2014 season.

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=107695090 width=97%  height=85% anchor= “click to watch the video…”]


time, colour. 2 lines (excerpt)

is the beginning of something. the full work is a loop lasting about 20 minutes.

in this work i consider time and colour through the generation of two lines.


this investigation is inspired by painting with black arch by kandinsky.  it was mathew colling’s the rules of abstraction documentary that brought the painting and abstraction to my attention.

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=107697460 width=97%  height=85% anchor= “click to watch the video…”]



love parks week activity

love parks week came to my attention while preparing the snee snaw project so i was really pleased to be able to revisit the campaign with another activity in belper parks.

the activity began as an idea at the spring fair at the eco centre near wirksworth. using loaned bobbins from the strutts north mill in belper, the bobbins became vehicle like bodies travelling on a pairs of rails.bobbin on pair of string rails in hand

the love parks week activity looked to return to this simple idea and place several near to each other to create and engaging and playful sculptural installation.  through the corridor arts practice, we were able to negotiate the use of the space in the parks for both the summer wild art sessions and the love parks week activity.

making the installation became quite a personal challenge on the day …. the weather was wet with several torrential downpours amoungst the persistent rain. i have already thanked christine gray for keeping me company during the day providing some much needed shelter from the rain.

the advertised viewing time was between 2pm and 4.

i didn’t really know how long it would take me to make the 18 elements of the installation so i was very happy when i sat down to tweet …

(reflecting upon embedding the tweet into this post i wonder ifi can be smarter and better at using the micro blogging platform… need to domore things to try this out.)

the rain did stop.

the sun came out and so did the dog walkers.


here’s a selection of images from the completed installation. thanks to christine gray for the first image of this sequence.

andrew martyn sugars and installation bobbin installation in belper parks view of art installation in belper parks

detail of bobbin installation in belper parks


[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=ZTSy6RhLjmw width=97%  height=85% anchor= “click to watch the video documentation…”]



so what unexpected things happened on saturday ?

the turning around to meet someone who had stood and watched me working and the subsequent conversation in which i found myself speaking openly about how i loved to make beam sculptures during my period as a laser operator.

listening to a lady who spoke of how her love of outdoor sculpture began as a little girl visiting a sculpture park in france.

the inquistitiveness of all the dogs who came past. i know dogs curious however i still find it amusing and engaging to watch them search for food.

the pleasure of those who discovered the installation that something visual was happening in the parks. it’s referred to as the parks as originally the area it covers was made up of three separate parks.

i personally hope that love parks week continues for many years to come as it gave me a framework in which to create something, promote it and by association belper parks.  as corridor we progress forward to explore other art/creativity activities that we can achieve in belper parks.



cabin space

after my recent house move i have a space with items pertaining to things i’ve done in my past.

i ask myself if i need to keep the things that i have.

somethings like photographs are personal and don’t take up alot of space, others are now to do with a group activity in which i was involved and have a larger volume.  my overall access to space is now reduced from where it used to be. i question what i need to keep.

in considering letting go the things, i have considered making some digital impressions of the object and returning it to somewhere from where it came. for paper it might be the soil, for a prompt copy, it might be the threatre or group i worked with.

i’ve opted to make the digital archive on a free blog. i’ve immediately set myself another space limit, this time 3gb.

the blog has been created today and i don’t know how long it’ll take me to work through all the stuff to return. i do know that i want to investigate the returning of items in the present of activities in the past.

there might be some things that do indeed end up in a black bin liner in the loft, stored and maybe forgotten and maybe archived for future recollection.

the blog is currently live at cabinspace.wordpress,com

videos about using emotion

digital art image made in emotion by adrain m and clair b.


emotion is a visual experimentation application made by adrien m and claire b.  i’ve been dabbling with it for a couple of years now.  it has amazing potential, if only i could fully understand it.

in the recent release (0.71) i have made some advances in understanding and creativity with the application.

having watched some many videos made by others of so many applications, i’ve made some short videos about the functionality of emotion as i understand them. it’s my first venture into making these kind of videos and i’ve really enjoyed the process.

the videos are contained in this play list

i hope that by sharing what i’ve learnt about emotion by adrien m and claire b that others to might be able to share what they know and together we learn more about emotion.

belper north mill:donations box project

i answered an open call on social media for ideas for a donations box for the mill museum.  under the management of sarah skinner, the mill is evolving it’s operations and method of display of the items that it owns.  working with sarah the donations box project will combine a purchased acrylic donations box on a base constructed from objects found in the cellar of the mill.

working in the cellar of the mill, the project has become alomost like a mini residency. i’m finding i’m having conversations with both sarah and the volunteers of the mill about the mill now and it’s history.

the design of the donations box has evolved from playing with the found objects and my desire to make somethign that can be played with and something sonic. the mill today is very quiet. when in full production it’s likely to have been a place of great sonic proportions.

machine in north mill belper tools of belper north mill work in progress, belper north mill an arrangement of bobbin frames bobbin with orange thread arrangement of bobbin frames


bobbins with painted endsred paint on newspaper


five red bobbins a large roll of 32 blue thread two red bobbins bobbins in arranged frames bobbins hanging from frames