cabin space

after my recent house move i have a space with items pertaining to things i’ve done in my past.

i ask myself if i need to keep the things that i have.

somethings like photographs are personal and don’t take up alot of space, others are now to do with a group activity in which i was involved and have a larger volume.  my overall access to space is now reduced from where it used to be. i question what i need to keep.

in considering letting go the things, i have considered making some digital impressions of the object and returning it to somewhere from where it came. for paper it might be the soil, for a prompt copy, it might be the threatre or group i worked with.

i’ve opted to make the digital archive on a free blog. i’ve immediately set myself another space limit, this time 3gb.

the blog has been created today and i don’t know how long it’ll take me to work through all the stuff to return. i do know that i want to investigate the returning of items in the present of activities in the past.

there might be some things that do indeed end up in a black bin liner in the loft, stored and maybe forgotten and maybe archived for future recollection.

the blog is currently live at cabinspace.wordpress,com

intellectual concerns: bases

my concern is that my concerns aren’t intellectual enough.

so what concerns do i have?

well what have i considered so far…

there was peak oil and how to understand it.

a dependency on electricity.

cotton bobbin on rowan tree

patterns… and spotting them. this in response to how history presents us with stuff what’s already happened and patterns emerging from them, yet the lessons presented not necessarily being made note of as actually individualisation neccesitates the thing to be done again to see if the next person can do it better.  a bit of an waffly sentence and needing editting.

relationships between people and finding a balance and harmonious rhythm in them. in response to my own want for my exposure to family relationships to be different. they can’t be so all i can do is try to adapt.

how art can learn from sport. with sport being a process with a set outcome, ie to be the best and win what can art learn from sport? listening to darts players, motogp riders and international rugby matches i attempt to learn and hear snippets of sport philosophy that can be migrated to within a creative sphere. as to how to use this aquired verbal language in my creative sphere remains to be seen.

five threads of cotton on rowan tree

how doing something can takes us to another place. the idea of liminality. something being transient. doing something being rewarded with somethng more interesting. links to self evolution and the transition movement.

evolution of thinking and self and that this can exist. evolution rather than change. change being political and in three parts. evolution being driven by self and happening as a dynamic process over time. it is possible to go from owning a 24,000 pound motor car to using the bus if one lets one’s thinking evolve to do so.

play and how it is evovling and the politics of that. play relative to outdoor space, with the outdoor space being mediated as an unsafe place.  play being a basis of fun. fun being something that is frowned upon because it’s frivolous and meaningless, even though play for children is a component of how they learn and make sense of the world.

blue sky with five threads on rowan tree

how for me there is space to be me, to be able to speak as me and act as me free from reactions of misunderstanding wrapped up in negative connetation. an attempt for me to overcome issues of confidence resting within early years development held deep within my physche. a yeaning to do something and for there to be critical prasie and conversation rather than dismissive retort, something that eats away at my being for being me.

intentional ambiguity. a means to achive communicating the above point.

ownership. personally i have reached a point in my life where i can no longer continue to carry everything from my life with me. i have been faced with looking hard at the things that are in my ownership and ask why am i doing this, why am i owning this. this goes as far back as my school books from my secondary education days. i explore ownerhip by making small interventions that are intened to add interest and cultural diversity to an environment yet cannot be owned. i document the scene as a method of evidencing my ongoing attempts to make things that i do not own and have no way of knowing if anyone will see them.

possible futures. highlighted by sir anthony gormley during his one and other work in 2009, this for me is an optimistic proposition of there being something yet to happen as yet unimagined. being unimagined the hope for me is that it is in some way in response to something of now and informed by historical events to …. at this point my ability with words start to fail me to communicate the feeling i have is what the possible futures exactly are …


ok so this is a big long list and i understand it and i have no idea if it’s understandable to anyone else as i’ve as yet written it out in essay form with the intention to make an arguement. i see there so many arguments around me … to become over whelming. once over whelmed my intelelctual concerns become dilute and if left with my immediate psychological world and environment, under pinned by my own life experiences.


bluesky with bird flying and two birds on railings