cabin space

after my recent house move i have a space with items pertaining to things i’ve done in my past.

i ask myself if i need to keep the things that i have.

somethings like photographs are personal and don’t take up alot of space, others are now to do with a group activity in which i was involved and have a larger volume.  my overall access to space is now reduced from where it used to be. i question what i need to keep.

in considering letting go the things, i have considered making some digital impressions of the object and returning it to somewhere from where it came. for paper it might be the soil, for a prompt copy, it might be the threatre or group i worked with.

i’ve opted to make the digital archive on a free blog. i’ve immediately set myself another space limit, this time 3gb.

the blog has been created today and i don’t know how long it’ll take me to work through all the stuff to return. i do know that i want to investigate the returning of items in the present of activities in the past.

there might be some things that do indeed end up in a black bin liner in the loft, stored and maybe forgotten and maybe archived for future recollection.

the blog is currently live at cabinspace.wordpress,com

evolving the site

another evolution of the site starts with this post.

the site is looser for me now, leaving behind stringent pages of content and to allowing for content to be added and drawn together by the reader reflecting my interest in databases.

 i’m going to attempt to have fun using this site as for me now the process is very important, almost more important than the outcome.

through the coming months i will be reflecting over my career to the point of taking more control.  from that point my life’s evolution takes on a new path and here within the posts i’ll further reflect on what i’ve been doing and where my plans now start to take me.