an art experiment

an art experiment is a democratic world wide web based work


an art experiment is possibly the final version of tick as appropriate.

after the outing of the work at wltm, i wanted to make it a democratic work as possible and saw the world wide web as a place in which this might be possible.

realising the work in this manner posed me many technical problems that in time i was able to overcome. there was the initial problem of how to create a ‘form’ that could be ticked. the next stage was to answer the question of what to do with the information from the engagement. finally there was the small issue of where to include the work within my portfolio of work on my website.

the journey to realise this work has taken sometime and i’ve learnt and read a lot along the way.

the main point of engagement with the work is  here

the first point of registering the results of the engagement is this blog

the second point of the results is this facebook page

wltm at harrington mill

work by michelle greenwood next to work by andrew martyn sugars at wltmwork by michelle greenwood on the wall next to tick as appropriate andrew martyn sugars at wltm

last saturday i attended the wltm event despite not feeling 100% well. the invite to attend was to take part in the final part of the work by anna francis.

anna had used her residency at harrington mill to create a dating agency for artworks for which i had submitted a development of my tick as appropriate work.  to participate in the overall work, anna set an invitation to fill in a profile card and suggest a work that would be submitted if the profile card matched another card.  i have to admit i went through the process slightly tongue in cheek.

much to my amazement and pleasure my profile was matched with another and i was able to submit the work to be displayed. it was an opportunity to develop the engagement with the work more.  i liked seeing the evidence of engagement.

to read more about the event, check out anna’s blog post of the day


groundswell 2 at green lane derby

tick as appropriate on display at groundswell 2


george harris has revisited his early project groundswell to curate an exhibition that considers the psychological impact of the inner ring road soon to be constructed in derby.

as well as my response to the theme, i’ve included an experimental work that i’m calling tick as appropriate. i’m not sure that this is a fully resolved.

for this version i’m inviting an interaction with the work but it’s construction does not permit that.

when i returned to document the work i was amused to see an improvised interaction and chose to leave it as i like the evidence of an unseen, un documented interaction.

northern ireland v england

it was a football match played yesterday. england lost and those in the room didn’t seem to mind that.

i was working at the largest gymnasium in europe, helping to present club wembly to the assembled audience. club wembly will be a club at the wembly stadium that provides seats and hospitality for the top matches throughout the year and was being offered as a 10 year deal for something like 10 thousand pounds or something near to that, i can’t remember really.

seen in canary wharf

on arriving home, the difference between the contents of the function room and what i see around me now has set up something that i need to resolve or express somehow.

i still can’t quite put into the written word how i feel. i hope that over time i might find some way of getting close, or at least present something as a result of the experience.