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@ActionHeroLive @jasonjcrouch Are you still struggling with the aspect adjustment thing? Seen this at the cusp of going to bed. DM me in the morning if you still need help.

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after completing my 12 in 14 blog, i have a new blog for 2015.  i’ve taken the title from an eddie izzard sketch from his late 1990’s period.  his work at that time still resonates with me. his physical theatre very much influencing my own physical performance.

the blog is hosted on the artist’s information company website . their site having been overhauled and relaunched in july 2014 it has become a focal hub for discussion and critical debate around the arts.

in my new blog i intend to write with an all warts and all approach as this currently is how my practice is going.  after my 12 in 14 challenge now i can relax and enjoy myself and see where it leads me.

the a-n site is very supportive and recently i’ve received a lot of extra support from them via their art blogs twitter account.

the new blog can be found at .



it has been said to me that i’m good at making opportunities for myself.  in this instance the opportunity was a focus for the experiments with abstraction.

i’ve mentioned before about how painting with black arch by kandinsky has inspired and lit me up towards abstraction. while working on the time based work time, colour. 2 lines i played with an app on my android tablet and wandered into experimenting with lines and simple forms in a grayscale.

there were so many that i saw an opportunity to make an exhibition.

the images were published in a sequence of one a minute for 15 minutes one tuesday afternoon.

since that tuesday the exhibition has evolved.  using another social media platform i’ve collected all the images into one place and i have to say that in this place the notion of exhibition starts to come through better than in the original idea just to make the exhibition for 15 minutes.   in a sense i’ve made the exhibition more permanent.



the exhibition: click to visit